Sharing Memories Effortlessly

Create beautiful, easy-to-share photo albums by adding photos to Dropbox.

Get Started

Create Beautiful Albums

  • PhotoDrop albums are carefully designed to focus on what’s really important: your photos.
  • Creating new albums is easy: just add photos to a new folder in Dropbox on your computer.
  • Want to swap out photos in an existing album? No problem! Simply add or remove photos to Dropbox and PhotoDrop will sync your changes automatically.

Privacy, Please

Your PhotoDrop albums are private by default. When you’re ready, make an album public—or even select photos within an album—and share your work with friends and family.

Securing Memories

Since PhotoDrop is powered by Dropbox, your photos are backed up online and safe from catastrophe. Even if you accidentally delete a photo, you can use the Dropbox website to restore the photo (which will automatically re-appear in PhotoDrop!).

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